How to care for cymbidium orchids 101

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How to care for cymbidium orchids 101

Cymbidium orchid plant is a genus of evergreen flowering plants in the orchid family Orchidaceae, commonly known as boat orchids. Orchids in this genus are typically pseudobulbs with epiphytic, lithophytic, terrestrial or occasionally leafless saprophytic herbs. Cymbidium (sym-BID-ee-um) orchids are often used both in cut flower shows and in corsages.

Mainaam Garden is one of the largest Orchid growers in India. The competitive advantage among other competitors is our lab which allows us to propagate plants. Cymbidium orchid plants are considered to be luxury plants globally, as they are difficult to grow and have a high cost of production globally. However, our climatic conditions are naturally suitable so it significantly reduces production costs giving us a competitive advantage globally.

An addition competitive advantage is our lab which allows us to propagate plants easily. In comparison, other growers or traders import from Australia, Thailand, which is expensive. The biggest competitive advantage is our collection of varieties that we were only able to obtain through personal contacts with breeders in Australia. Even in Europe, these varieties are unavailable because of the protectionist tendencies of Australian breeders. There are only a handful of quality breeders in the world.


  1. Common name Cymbidium
  2. Botanical name Cymbidium
  3. Group Houseplant or greenhouse/conservatory plant
  4. Flowering time Mid-autumn to mid-spring
  5. Planting time Re-pot in mid-spring after flowering
  6. Height and spread 25cm-90m (10-36in) by 30-90cm (12-36in)
  7. Aspect Bright light, shade from direct sunshine in summer
  8. Hardiness Tender, minimum 8-10°C (46-50°F).
  9. Difficulty: Moderate

We are going to share with you how we take care of our cymbidium orchids and some tidbits we’ve been using for many years.

Cymbidium Orchid Care

For Cymbidium orchid care, a sheltered spot is needed outside, where they will receive at least a little morning sun while avoiding the harsh afternoon sunlight.
Space in the pot for new growth and the right potting mix is essential.
Make sure the Cymbidium orchid plant only gets water as soon as the potting mixture dries out. Most plants die needlessly from being over-watered. The perfect potting mixture usually consists of 3 parts of bark nuggets and one portion of potting soil or coconut peat with a pinch of bone meal.
We need an environment with adequate ventilation and filtered sunshine or sunrise in the morning.


Cymbidium orchid growing conditions like bright light but not dry, burning sun. Make sure to protect them from the midday sun if that’s a concern you’re living in. But they can get more sun in the winter.



Except in hot, dry climates, the outdoor humidity is fine.



They don’t like to dry out fully. Watering once a week is a good general rule, but it will vary depending on the climate. In their growing season, these orchids need a little more sunlight. Make sure you have water at room temperature. Rainwater, of course, is what they want. If you see brown tips on the leaves of your orchid, it may be because your water contains too much salt. Rather than using tap water, you should use distilled water.


As we said before, it’s safer to be warm in the day and cold at night. That’s why they’re not the ideal houseplant orchid-like common Phalaenopsis. They don’t like the low interior light or the dry heat of our homes.
If the evenings are too warm, you’re not going to get a good set of flowers. They need the cooler time to bring the spikes of the flowers. The lowest they can do is around 30 degrees, but not for a prolonged period of time. Consistent time below freezing will hinder the flowering, too.


The best time to repot is right after your Cymbidium Orchid plant has bloomed. As a rule, you don’t have to do more than every two or three years, and they bloom best when they’re tight in their pots. We like a slightly acidic mixture, so it is better to use a good mixture that is specially formulated for cymbidiums. This is an orchid that grows on trees or on the ground so that the mixture differs from the other orchids.
Growers use a high nitrogen fertilizer at one time of year and a low nitrogen crop booster at another time of year. The timing must be spot on. The uses of natural fertilizers such as 20-20-20 at a reduced intensity, throughout the year at monthly intervals. It’s all right once a month–no more.

Why is Cymbidium orchid plant so expensive?

Unlike other orchids, Cymbidium orchid plant is densely packed with dark colours and thick flower petals, with their long flower stems. Plants produce flowers that have been embellishing your home for months without much care.
Cymbidium orchid plant is found in the wild throughout the Himalayas, China, Japan and Australia. The plants we see on sale today, however, are the result of decades of diligent breeding throughout the world by breeders. Evidence suggests that in the time of Confucius, it was one of the first orchids to be grown in China 2500 years ago. Since then it has held its status of luxury and elegance across the world until today.


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