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पूर्ण योजनाएँ

  • Rs. 420.00

    Mona Lavender

    Mona Lavender is a vigorous, rounded, bushy perennial that was developed by crossing two South African Species. The attractive lavender flowers blo...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 420.00
  • से Rs. 1,019.00

    Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum)

    Acer Palmatum, also known as Japanese maple is a must for maple enthusiasts. The fame of maples arose from cultivation in Japan. This is slow to me...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    से Rs. 1,019.00
  • से Rs. 1,789.00

    Snowball Viburnum (Flowering Plant)

    Snowball Viburnum is a flowering bush that blooms clusters of small flowers giving the flowers a ball-like appearance. It blooms in springtime with...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    से Rs. 1,789.00
  • Rs. 629.00

    Purple Rain Rose | Shrub Rose

    Purple Rain is a gorgeous flowering rose with flowers that change colour from violet to pink to purple. It grows low covering large areas making it...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 629.00
  • से Rs. 315.00

    Buxus (Boxwood)

    Also known as Japanese Buxus, this Boxwood is a wondrous evergreen plant perfect to create a lush hedge with beautiful dark green foliage. Easy to ...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    से Rs. 315.00
  • Rs. 1,600.00

    Ginkgo Biloba

    The Ginkgo biloba is a big deciduous tree with fan-shaped leaves that grows to reach 100 feet tall and is considered a living fossil. Ginkgo trees ...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 1,600.00
  • Loropetalum Purple Bush - Mainaam Garden
    Rs. 420.00

    Loropetalum Purple Bush (Shrub)

    लोरोपेटालम पर्पल ब्लश श्रूबb) तात्कालिक दृश्य अपील बनाना, लोरोपेटालम पर्पल बुश एक अति सुंदर लाल-बैंगनी बरगंडी कॉमपैक्ट झाड़ी है जो तीव्र बैंगनी-हरे...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 420.00
  • से Rs. 629.00

    Pixie hat | Floribunda Rose

    'Pixie hat' roses have a spike-like cluster of basal stems with hundreds of beautiful red solitary blooms that resemble pixie hats.   These are 1 f...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    से Rs. 629.00
  • Rs. 300.00

    Blue Fescue Grass

    'Blue fescue grass' (Festuca glauca) is an ornamental perennial grass with slender, wiry needle-like blades of icy blue foliage that lasts all year...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 300.00
  • Rs. 999.00

    Creeping Juniper

    Creeping Juniper is a low-growing sturdy ground cover pine. It can grow well in sub-tropical to temperate climates and thrive in full sun. A fast g...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 999.00
  • Rs. 1,049.00

    Rabbit Foot Fern

    The furry rhizomes that creep on top of the soil and resemble a rabbit's foot give the 'rabbit's foot fern' its name. The rhizomes may get fairly l...

    पूरा विवरण देखें
    Rs. 1,049.00
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