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Order 999 पर ऑर्डर पर मुफ्त डिलिवरी
Order 999 पर ऑर्डर पर मुफ्त डिलिवरी

Why over 5 Lakh retailers trust us for their wholesale needs

Discover a faster and smarter way to do B2B buying online with Mainaam Garden, giving you more time to focus on moving your organisation forward.

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Bulk Discounts

Save 5% or more with Bulk Discounts on over 10,000+ products

Fast & Reliable shipping

Get personalized and hassle free delivery experience.

Get more in one place

Access wide selection of plants at wholesale prices with greater saving that help you run your business. 

Get notified on latest deals & promotions

Be the first to learn about the latest campaigns and promotions for your favourite plants.

We serve lakhs of customers in India and around the world with their wholesale purchasing needs.


Huge Vareity of Products


Trust Mainaam for retail


Pincode Supported for delivery


Customers buying across India


2-3 Years

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6 Month - 1 Year

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Cut Flowers (Seasonal)

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Shop from India's largest online wholesale marketplace for exclusive roses. Handmaking from shrub roses to climbing one in our own nursery.


We believe in simplifying the wholesale experience

Our mission is to support local retailers in growing their businesses by making it simple to find the right products at reasonable prices. Our simple financial terms and logistics enable suppliers to provide more value to more retailers across India.

Garden Plants

A one-stop shop for everything garden plants. Choose from our large collection of small to large garden plants like maples, azaleas, wisterias, etc.


House Plants

We help you cultivate a life well-lived through outdoor plants and also houseplants. Hand-picked  houseplants by our team of experts delivered to your doorsteps.


Why shop on Mainaam Business?

We provide a comprehensive list of products across various categories, and b2b wholesale traders can take advantage of our extensive delivery network. Apart from being the largest garden plants nursery in India, we also have the largest cymbidium orchid nursery in Asia, as well as a lab to meet your specific needs. Customers can benefit in many ways by shopping from Mainaam Garden.

Shipping and delivery

Mainaam Garden has a widespread delivery network in India, serving customers in both major cities and rural suburbs and villages. When a buyer places an order, we ensure prompt and door-to-door delivery.

Get Quantity Discounts

Customers who buy in bulk from Mainaam Gardeb can take advantage of exclusive discount offers on a variety of products. Additional discounts may be available on certain products or categories. Furthermore, you can obtain custom quotations based on the quantity of your purchase. Customers can compare prices and find the best deals on products. Once the order is placed, it is simple to pay via corporate net banking. Furthermore, we have a professional team to assist customers in placing bulk orders.

Business Insights & Support

When you purchase from Mainaam Garden, you gain access to business insights and ongoing support for your company. As a result, it saves you time, allows you to gain insight, and helps you achieve your goals.

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