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Blue fescue grass

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'Blue fescue grass' (Festuca glauca) is an ornamental perennial grass with slender, wiry needle-like blades of icy blue foliage that lasts all year. In the summer, blue fescue develops uniform balls of foliage topped with feathery straw bloom stalks due to its clump-forming propensity. Although blue fescue plants are evergreen, they do lose some of their older blades in the spring and develop new, fresh, deep blue leaves. The older leaves adhere to the plant and spoil the bright colouration.

When utilised in mixed containers, blue fescue's consistent habit adds texture and colour. It can be utilised in bulk plantings, pots, and niches as an accent plant. The drought tolerance of blue fescue makes it an excellent choice for rock gardens. The decorative grass is a tidy evergreen that can withstand a broad range of sites and climates, making it ideal for the low-maintenance landscape.

These are 2yr old plants at the time of delivery.

More Information
Common Name Blue fescue grass
Planting Season Early spring or in late summer
Tree or Plant Type Perennial
Flower Colour Pale yellow
Current Height 20-25cm
Foliage Blue
Season of Interest Early summer
Soil Preference well-drained moist soil


All our products are delivered bare root without pot or soil.

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