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Creeping Jenny

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'Creeping Jenny,' sometimes known as moneywort because of its tiny coin-shaped leaves, is a glossy, evergreen perennial that swiftly grows into a carpet of low-growing wandering stems with pairs of zingy, lime green oval leaves. Creeping Jenny stems are covered in bright, cup-shaped tiny yellow flowers in the summer.

It's one of those plants that can quickly take over a significant portion of your garden, making it a fantastic ground cover for adding colour and softening any sharp edges. Consider growing creeping Jenny in containers, where it can grow into an elegant, sweeping plant that hangs over the edge of the pots and doesn't threaten your yard because of how well it spreads. 

These are 1-year-old plants at the time of delivery.

More Information
Common Name Creeping Jenny
Planting Season Spring
Tree or Plant Type Perennial, ground cover grass
Flower Colour Yellow Flower
Current Height 7-12 inches
Foliage Evergreen
Season of Interest Summer
Soil Preference Well-draining sandy, loamy or clay


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