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Order 999 पर ऑर्डर पर मुफ्त डिलिवरी

Hedge Buxus Pack Of 20

Rs. 5,999.00

What's Included:

1) Pack of 20 Hedge Buxus plants.

2) 2 ft in height.

3) Easy to grow and maintain.

Buxus are slow-growing dense shrub that adds structure and beauty to your landscape design all year long. Buxus Boxwood is a wondrous evergreen plant perfect to create a lush hedge with beautiful dark green foliage.  To create a hedge, plant one each, two feet apart and shape it into a hedge every year by pruning. 

Pack of 20 Hedge Buxus to take home at a super saving price of just Rs.6500 .

 Also, enjoy Free Shipping!!

*The images shown here are solely for reference purposes and the actual product may vary in terms of appearance due to various reasons like age, height, climate, etc. Also the products are replaceable but returnable.

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