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Mystery Cymbidium Mystery Box

Rs. 3,299.00

Cymbidiums are known as the 'King of Orchids' for their large exuberant flowers that last for 2-3 months at a time. In history, Cymbidiums have graced the halls of the nobility of the British royals, as well as the Chinese dynasties which make it the "perfect plant" for instilling a sense of serenity and beauty in your home.

What's included:
1) Flowering Cymbidium Orchid with at least one spikes
2) Wonder Grow Orchid Soil Mix  (FREE)

When you buy Mainaam Mystery Box, you will receive one handpicked variety of Cymbidium that is currently blooming two or more flower spikes. The plant also comes with a pot and orchid potting mix absolutely free. 

Mystery Flowering Cymbidium Box is an easy way to bring the best blooming Cymbidium, and fill your loved ones day with joy. Perfect if you can't decide which one to buy from our awesome collection of Cymbidiums or when you aren't sure which one your BFF likes. Perfect buy to surprise yourself and your loved ones.

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