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Bird Of Paradise


Native to South America, this unusual flower is widely renowned as a crane flower. Intricate dimension and intriguing appearance resemble the showy forest birds known as birds of Paradise. The plant has stiff, erect, leathery, and oblong leaves and the flower that grows from rhizomes grows up to a height of 3-5 feet. The color of the foliage is bluish-green and may have a red midrib. The flower adorns orange and blue color and has two erect pointed petals and five stamens whereas the leaves are borne on a long petiole. The main flower bract resembles a shape of a boat and is green in color with red borders. The fruits form a shape of a capsule with numerous seeds within. 

Ideal for tropical and semi-tropical zones, the spectacular flowering plant is easy to maintain and care for. The floret is meticulous about temperature range. The plant is a very popular source of inspiration in fine art besides that it symbolizes freedom and joy. With a bloom time from March to October birds of paradise, flowers are popular cut flowers, especially for summer floral arrangements.

This plant is 2-3 ft of height and 3-4 year old at the time of delivery.

Our Product are shipped in a root ball ,without pot.The pictures shown are for referral purposes only.

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If you have any damaged plants please email us at and specify which plants were damaged. You may request an exchange within 3-5 days of delivery. Please keep all the packaging material in case it needs to be inspected by the shipping company. 

Our Product are shipped in a root ball ,without pot.

                                   MORE INFORMATION
Scientific Name Strelitzia reginae
Family Strelitziaceae
Genus Strelitzia
Class Liliopsida
Texture Coarse
Leaf persistence evergreen
Growth rate slow
Fruiting period August to February
Flower shape Spathe with a spike
Flower color Orange, Blue
Fruit Capsule
Sunlight bright indirect light to the full sun when acclimated
Water every 1-2 weeks
Humidity natural room humidity but prefers humid conditions
Temperature 65 degrees F-85 degrees F
Soil well drainage potting mix
Propagation either by seed or division
Fertilizer phosphorus-rich fertilizer during the flowering season
Bloom time March to October
Plant height 3-5 feet
Foliage glossy green
Open drop down