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Ornamental Cabbage And Kale

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Often used in culinary settings as garnishes, the ornamental cabbage, and kale are colorful biennials planted in the fall. Usually grown as annuals for their showy foliage, they grow approximately one foot and 15 inches tall. Ornamental cabbage has smooth, wide leaves whereas the ornamental kale has frilly leaves and is more of a foliage plant. The plant takes from 70-90 days to mature and for an awesome bloom, it should be planted at least 12-18 inches apart.

Ornamental cabbage forms head with its leaves bearing smooth edges on the other hand Kales form rosettes with leaves serrated along the edges. They come in shades of purple, cream, green, and rose which are considered the ideal color for landscaping besides that it grows amazingly in containers filling the surroundings with an array of tints.

These plants are 5-8 cm in height and 1-year-old of age.



                                   MORE INFORMATION
Scientific Name Brassica oleracea
Common name Ornamental cabbage, ornamental kale
Family Brassicaceae
Growing time fall or early spring
Plant Type Annual or biennial
Mature size 12-18 inches tall and wide
Sun exposure full sun
Temperature 40-80 degrees F
Soil type rich loam, medium moisture, well-draining
Soil pH 5.5-6.5 (slightly Acidic)
Water Keep the plants well-watered
Propagation from Seed
Water every 1-2 weeks
Humidity natural room humidity but prefers humid conditions
Temperature 65 degrees F-85 degrees F
Soil well drainage potting mix
Propagation either by seed or division
Fertilizer phosphorus-rich fertilizer during the flowering season
Bloom time March to October
Plant height 3-5 feet
Foliage glossy green


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