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Watermelon Peperomia

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Peperomia argyreia is a tiny plant native to South America that is grown for its lovely leaves. They may reach a height of 12 inches, while the small watermelon peperomia only reaches a height of 6 inches. Because of their compact bushy rosette appearance, they're best used as a ground cover outside or in groups with other plants indoors.

These plants are simple to grow and might be an excellent choice for beginners. These plants will grow if you stick to the basic care guidelines. The most critical factors are adequate lighting, lack of overwatering, and freezing temperatures.

These are 6months-old and 6inch at the time of delivery.

Our Products  shipped are in root ball, without pot.The pictures shown are for referral purposes only.

Few online retailers can match the generous size of our plants. Mainaam Garden is the largest Cymbidium Orchid nursery in Asia that endeavours to provide you with a premium quality product at a great low price. If you have any damaged plants please email us at and specify which plants were damaged. You may request an exchange within 3-5 days of delivery. Please keep all the packaging material in case it needs to be inspected by the shipping company.


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