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Marantas are striking house plants with variegated, oval leaves that mimic the patterns of an artist’s brushstrokes. They are grown for their bold foliage, which comes in different colours and widths. It’s sometimes called a prayer plant because its leaves fold up at night, like hands in prayer, and open again in the morning. Its boldly patterned leaves make a bold statement in your home or office.

Decorated with striking patterns in shades of gold, green, brown and cream, Marantas are vigorous growers with large oval leaves for months for you to enjoy. Don’t be put off by the size in the early stages -- they only get bigger! They thrive on neglect and grow quickly, so they’re perfect beginner houseplants or greeneries for established indoor gardeners.

These are 8-10inches in height and 1year old plants at the time of delivery.

Few online retailers can match the generous size of our plants. Mainaam Garden is the largest Cymbidium Orchid nursery in Asia that endeavours to provide you with a premium quality product at a great low price.

If you have any damaged plants please email us at and specify which plants were damaged. You may request an exchange within 3-5 days of delivery. Please keep all the packaging material in case it needs to be inspected by the shipping company.