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  • Rs. 659.00

    Mona Lavender

    Mona Lavender is a vigorous, rounded, bushy perennial that was developed by crossing two South African Species. The attractive lavender flowers blo...

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    Rs. 659.00
  • from Rs. 1,099.00

    Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum)

    Acer Palmatum, also known as Japanese maple is a must for maple enthusiasts. The fame of maples arose from cultivation in Japan. This is slow to me...

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    from Rs. 1,099.00
  • from Rs. 1,429.00

    Jasmina | Climbing Rose

    'Jasmina' is a climbing rose type that blooms continually, producing big clusters of floriferous and fragrant blooms that can endure for weeks. Jas...

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    from Rs. 1,429.00
  • fuschia-mix-mainaam-garden
    from Rs. 699.00

    Fuchsia Mix (Lady's Eardrops)

    Fuchsia genus of flowering plants that consist mostly of shrubs or small trees. Fuchsias are popular garden shrubs, and once planted can live for y...

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    from Rs. 699.00
  • from Rs. 1,374.00

    Dancing Queen | Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose

    Rosa 'Dancing Queen' is an outstanding climbing hybrid tea rose with compact bright pink blooms and glossy, dark green foliage. The double flowers ...

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    from Rs. 1,374.00
  • from Rs. 1,968.00

    Snowball Viburnum (Flowering Plant)

    Snowball Viburnum is a flowering bush that blooms clusters of small flowers giving the flowers a ball-like appearance. It blooms in springtime with...

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    from Rs. 1,968.00
  • Rs. 1,099.00

    Purple Rain Rose | Shrub Rose

    Purple Rain is a gorgeous flowering rose with flowers that change color from violet to pink to purple. It grows low covering large areas making it ...

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    Rs. 1,099.00
  • Rs. 699.00

    English Ivy

    English Ivy English Ivy is an evergreen perennial, climbing vine that is native to Europe and Asia. It is usually grown as a groundcover. Due to it...

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    Rs. 699.00
  • from Rs. 346.00

    Buxus (Boxwood)

    Also known as Japanese Buxus, this Boxwood is a wondrous evergreen plant perfect to create a lush hedge with beautiful dark green foliage. Easy to ...

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    from Rs. 346.00
  • from Rs. 1,429.00

    Birthday Girl Rose | Floribunda Rose

    'Birthday girl' is a stunning feminine rose ideal for that special person’s celebration gift! It produces an abundance of fragrant carmine-pink sem...

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    from Rs. 1,429.00
  • Rs. 8,000.00

    Super Fairy | Climbing Rose

    Hello there! Do you want to add some spice to your life? Super Fairy Rose is a cheerful heavy flowering repeat blooming rambling rose that will pro...

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    Rs. 8,000.00
  • Rs. 2,419.00

    Centenaire de Lourdes Rose | Floribunda Rose

    Centenaire de Lourdes is a beautiful mass flowering floribunda rose with very good disease resistance. These roses are a blend of medium and lighte...

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    Rs. 2,419.00
  • Rs. 330.00

    Blue Fescue Grass

    'Blue fescue grass' (Festuca glauca) is an ornamental perennial grass with slender, wiry needle-like blades of icy blue foliage that lasts all year...

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    Rs. 330.00
  • from Rs. 799.00

    Pixie hat | Floribunda Rose

    'Pixie hat' roses have a spike-like cluster of basal stems with hundreds of beautiful red solitary blooms that resemble pixie hats.   These are 1 f...

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    from Rs. 799.00
  • from Rs. 4,949.00

    Amur Maple Tree

    Amur Maple is a small tree that is best known for its magnificent display of radiant fall colour. Its glossy, rich green leaves of three lobes turn...

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    from Rs. 4,949.00
  • Rs. 1,199.00

    Charles aznavour Rose | Floribunda Rose

    Bred by Alain Meilland, the Charles Aznavour rose is a medium, bushy, compact, mounded, spreading, deciduous shrub. The thorny stem bears pinnate l...

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    Rs. 1,199.00
  • Rs. 1,099.00

    Creeping Juniper

    Creeping Juniper is a low-growing sturdy ground cover pine. It can grow well in sub-tropical to temperate climates and thrive in full sun. A fast g...

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    Rs. 1,099.00
  • Rs. 1,155.00

    Rabbit Foot Fern

    The furry rhizomes that creep on top of the soil and resemble a rabbit's foot give the 'rabbit's foot fern' its name. The rhizomes may get fairly l...

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    Rs. 1,155.00
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