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Succulent Combo 2


This amazing set of Succulent Combo 2 will make your succulent collection look breathtakingly amazing.

What's included?

Crassula Ovata : Rs. 346 

Crassula Ovata is a succulent plant with tiny pink or white blooms that are also known as jade plant, fortunate plant, money plant, or money tree. With a strong trunk and branches, the Jade resembles a bonsai tree. The leaves are thick, oval-shaped, and have a gleaming dark green hue with reddish-brown outer edges. The jade plant's appeal derives from its minimal maintenance requirements; it requires little water and may thrive in a variety of indoor environments. Plenty of sunshine is the most crucial component of exhibiting this plant.

1 Haworthia Limifolia: Rs.926

Haworthiopsis Limifolia is a succulent that forms a rosette with very dark green or even brownish-green pointed leaves. The rosettes grow up to 4 inches in diameter and leaves are triangular up to 3 inches long and up to 1 inch wide at the base.

1 Haworthia Reinwardtii : Rs.280

It is native to South Africa's Eastern Cape Province and cultivated globally which makes a magnificent houseplant or addition to a succulent garden. More commonly called the zebra wart, the haworthia reinwardtii basal rosettes make this plant stand out in a succulent garden. They grow in a spiral pattern and in spring, they produce tubular flowers. The leaves can also take on a variety of colors, from deep red to bright green. When fully grown, it appears to have been transplanted from a different world.

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