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Succulent Combo 3


This set of Succulent Combo contains easy to take care succulents.

What's Included ?

1 Haworthia Limifolia: Rs. 300

Haworthiopsis limifolia is a succulent that forms a rosette with very dark green or even brownish-green pointed leaves. The rosettes grow up to 4 inches in diameter and leaves are triangular up to 3 inches long and up to 1 inch wide at the base.

1 Graptoveria Purple Delight : Rs.280

Delighting your eyes deep lilac to bubblegum pink to frosty white, Graptoveria Purple Delight is a delicacy for your eyes. Its transition into a beauteous range of colors depending on the conditions it grows. It tends to show a nice mottling and blending of colors and has a powdery coating of natural wax to adapt it to direct sun. These easy-care plant grows well with little maintenance and requires you to just add water. These are suitable to be grown in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions.  

1 Haworthia retusa  : Rs.200

also known as a Star cactus is a small succulent that forms star-shaped compact rosettes. They have fleshy lime green leaves triangular and translucent. It is usually grown remotely in the wild but in cultivation, it can form clusters. These easy-care plants are perfect indoor plants providing incredible display all year round.

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