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How to grow succulents? - Mainaam Garden

How to grow succulents?


Succulents are ideal for use at home or in your office. We can withstand indoor conditions and will add life to desks, tables, centerpieces, and window sills without having to maintain intensively. We will not outgrow small containers, adding them to their list of hidden superpowers, making them thinkful accessories for office or home windows.

With just bright light and occasional watering, most succulents can live for decades, plus a special feeding with all-purpose plant food. We are not fussy but have problems with mealybugs, scale, or other sap-sucking insects occasionally.

Do not water the succulents indoors every day. Yes, one way to kill a succulent plant is to lovingly wash it and overwater it. In the cooler months of the year this is generally the case. Since they do not grow vigorously, they don’t use as much water as they do. If your succulents arrive in a crowded arrangement, don’t crowd your succulents, carefully pluck them out and make each their own spacious mini desert dunes. Not all succulents are conducive to growing indoors.Choosing succulents that don’t like full sun, but prefer shade or low light will make a big difference to your succulent indoor garden success. Succulents often become mistaken for cactus. Cacti are succulents but not all cacti are succulents. What makes a cactus a cactus: its thorns, which is actually its leaves version.



Succulents contribute significantly to the outdoor garden, too. Garden-quality outdoor succulent plants can be integrated into any landscape, anywhere in the world. Use them as amazing single-use focal point plants, sturdy ground coverings for difficult slopes, patio decorations, or grouped into vibrant blends. Some are ideal for the safety of living walls, brush fire and even home grown burglar. You would be surprised to learn how cool they can make your landscape look!

Plant as early as possible in the season to allow succulents to grow themselves before winter, but be prepared the first winter to protect cold hardy forms. Except for a few extra-hardy types, such as hens and chickens, dormant in freezing temperatures, outdoor succulents can die as cold weather sets in. If you don’t live in the warmest parts of the country, you’ll want to plant your succulents outside in pots that can be brought inside once the mercury drops. This can be done easily by transplanting the succulents you’ve got into containers.

You can also monitor how much water your plants get from the potting succulents. While being praised for being low-maintenance, succulents have fragile roots that may rot when they are excessively saturated.


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