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  • ₹700.00

    George L. Taber Azalea

    A classic bubblegum pink variety, George L. Taber is a must have for any azalea enthusiast. The flowers are large and orchid shaped, with a pleasin...

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  • सेव करें ₹50.00
    मूल कीमत ₹500.00
    मौजूदा कीमत ₹450.00

    Semi - Double Pink Azalea

    One of our favorite azaleas, semi-double pink azaleas are a sight to behold. With pink-peach flowers, you can expect one of the densest blooms amo...

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    मूल कीमत ₹500.00
    मौजूदा कीमत ₹450.00
    सेव करें ₹50.00
  • ₹549.00

    Barber's Purple Azalea

    Barber's Purple azaleas boast semi-double blooms that flower repeatedly for a long period of time. The plant has a full spreading habit such that t...

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  • ₹1,225.00

    Goyet Azalea

    Goyet Azalea is a smaller growing shrub with large, double, frilly flowers in vivid rose-red from early to midseason. It's ideal for shady patio po...

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  • ₹650.00

    Alaska Azalea

    Alaska azaleas are evergreen shrub that grows in a low, rounded habit with dark green leaves. Displays striking, snow-white flowers with chartreuse...

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  • ₹499.00

    Pink Spotted

    All our products are delivered bare root without pot or soil.                          MORE INFORMATION Common Name Azalea Scient...

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