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Master the Art of Using Color Psychology in the Garden - Mainaam Garden

Master the Art of Using Color Psychology in the Garden

 Master the Art of Using Color Psychology in the Garden

Our thoughts, moods, physical and spiritual well-being are influenced by colour. It affects everything we eat, drink and touch and impacts our physical environment including our house, workplace and garden. Our personalities represent colour. The colors accomplished to the garden that we choose for home interiors offer harmony between our living spaces inside and outside. Colors are a valuable tool for creating different moods in the countryside. It is important to understand the significance of the different colors in order to effectively create in the garden with colour.


Red generates energy. This appears to command attention and is going to make areas look smaller. To dining areas, it is a nice garden color, as it enhances appetite. This creates a sense of light, motion and drama. Choose white instead, for those who might find it too distracting. Begonia, coleus, and impatients are the color plants to be used in the shade. Salvia, or verbenas, are used in sunny areas. Using glazed pots, red sandstone stones, red clay bricks or tiles to increase your plantings can add some vitality to your landscape.


Orange indicates an optimism. It is above all the hue of happiness. It’s dry, inviting, overflowing simply with earthly energy. Orange color in the flower garden has been recognised as a cure for depression since ancient times. When you have experienced trauma or disappointment, it’s a nice garden color to use. In the shade plants to consider include begonia, coleus and impatients. Try honeysuckle and marigolds for the sunny areas. Improved planting materials include terracotta pots, decorations, rusting metal, golden gravel, and clay brick.


Yellow means joy. It reflects the sun’s force, increases the sense of space. This gives to the garden a feeling of well-being even on a dark, boring day. Many golden leaves can scorch in full sun so plant in a dappled shade. Many of the plants with grey or silver leaves have yellow flowers. Plants to grow in shade include begonias, hostas, coleus. Consider daylilies, potentitilla, and yarrow for sunny areas. Increasing planting materials include reconstituted stone containers, adornments, golden sandstone stones, and buff paving.


Green means growth. It is the main color for regeneration. Green foliage can make a quiet impression on its own. It is restful and calming as it provides outdoor sanctuary. The use of foliage colors and architectural leaves gives every garden space structure and shape. Shady region plants include the coleus, ferns and hosta. For sunny areas use junipers, grasses, and conifers. Using green wood stain on the fences and buildings to improve plantings. For garden furniture, umbrellas, glazed pots, garden ornaments it is a common colour.


Blue means soul. Meditation is very beneficial. It conveys the divine and oceanic calm. This fits well with a lot of other colours. Use this color for modern-day stress and anxiety in flower garden. Blue flowers fill a border with purple, lilac, and white flowers to add depth and intense soothing vibrations. Shade plants include the campanula and columbine. Delphinium, lobelia and morning glory are ideal for sunny areas. Increasing planting materials include deep blue-grey slate, asphalt, granite, and ceramics with vivid blue glazing.


Purple means calmness. This brings a sense of self-worth. It sometimes seems to be bland unless a lot of contrast is used in texture, form, and tone. Flowers are particularly useful for safety and for the vibrations they provide for cleaning. It is a rich royal color showing intelligence, reverence for oneself, spirituality, nostalgia,integrity and wealth. If you’re stressed it will help soothe the mind. Flower plants for shady areas include the impatients and the coleus. Aster, butterfly bush, and salvia are used for sunny areas. Dyed fabrics used on garden furniture and umbrellas are used to improve the planting using glazed pots



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