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 Hosta Longipes is a deciduous perennial for shaded gardens with large, bold leaves often marked with contrasting colors. Leaves range in shape from round to lance-shaped, and colors can be yellow to green to blue, often with white, yellow, or green marginal markings. Lavender or white flowers grow on 2-foot stalks in early summer. Wonderful contrast when planted with small-leaved plants, adding texture to the landscape. This vigorous species has ovate to heart-shaped, sometimes rounded, slightly wavy-margined, mid- to deep green leaves, 3 1/2-5 inches long, glossy beneath, and spotted purple at the bases of the midribs and on the leaf stalks. In late summer and fall, leafy, purple-spotted stalks, 16 inches tall, bear pale purple to chalky white flowers. 12 inches tall, 20 inches wide. Korea, Japan.

Family: Liliaceae  
Size: Height: 0.5-1Ft
Width: 1.67 ft. to 1.67 ft.  
Plant Category: ground covers, perennials,  
Plant Characteristics: low maintenance,  
Foliage Characteristics: deciduous,  
Flower Characteristics: long lasting,  
Flower Color: purples, whites,  
Tolerances: deer, seashore,  

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