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Pine Combo


Pines are landscape workhorses. They are a top choice for screening a view or wrapping a patio with lovely green privacy, providing interest along a foundation, or as an eye-catching focal point in the landscape.

These are Mainaams sets of 3 amazing Pine Trees, a collection that will make for amazing garden trees. Plant them in a location where they will thrive, and you'll enjoy decades of year-round color while creating valuable habitats for birds, your pets, and even wildlife.

What's in the collection?

1 Pinus Thunbergii (Black Pine, Japanese Black Pine) of 2 years of age and 0.5 - 1ft height: Cost Rs. 900

Black Pine is a gymnosperm tree that grows to be 20-50 feet tall and is evergreen. It features a pyramidal shape with a flat top and no clear center leader. With a spreading crown and pendulous limbs, it will become uneven and asymmetrical as it ages. The silky whitish candle-like terminal buds are a highlight of this specimen. The contrast with the vegetation creates a striking visual effect. Candles with young leaves are standing tall. It's a thick plant that's perfect for screening. It's salt-tolerant and easy to transplant. It's used as a specimen plant in coastal locations and beach plantings, as well as for reclaiming dunes. Full light and moist, well-drained, fertile soils are ideal for this plant. It can withstand sand, heat, drought, and salt. This plant grows at a moderate rate.

1 Pencil Pine of 15cm in height: Cost Rs. 400

Pencil Pine is a tall, narrow-growing conifer, that is dark green in color. These pencil pine trees produce long, narrow needles 1 to 11 inches long. It is an excellent, low-maintenance choice for creating a formal look in areas where space is limited. This variety has a dense, upright, columnar growth habit and requires very little to no pruning to maintain its shape. Its foliage is aromatic with a blue-green shade and produces less fruit than many other pencil pine selections. They prefer full sun and require well-manured soil to grow well.

1 London Pine of 1 year of age and 0.5-1ft in height: Cost Rs.800

The London Pine is highly adaptable and very easy to care for. They thrive on neglect, can adapt to low light conditions, and do not like to be overwatered.  This, along with their size and growth, makes the London Pine a perfect plant for a topiary garden, bonsai, gifts plants, tabletop plants & fillers, or thrillers. The conical, with the crown becoming more irregular and spreading with age lends itself to a center and smaller living spaces. 

All our products are delivered bare roots without pot or soil. The pictures shown are for referral purposes only.

Few online retailers can match the generous size of our plants. Mainaam Garden is the largest Cymbidium Orchid nursery in Asia that endeavors to provide you with a premium quality product at a great low price.

If you have any damaged plants please email us at info@mainaamgarden.com and specify which plants were damaged. You may request an exchange within 3-5 days of delivery. Please keep all the packaging material in case it needs to be inspected by the shipping company. 

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