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Sansevria Cylindrica (Rhino Horn)



Sanseveria Cylindrica (Sansevieria Rhino Horn) is an excellent houseplant for ornamental purposes. The leaves will be strong and firm. This plant is rapidly gaining popularity among garden and houseplant enthusiasts. Besides adding an exotic look to your home or garden, the main benefit of snake plants is that it proves incredibly useful in improving air quality. This makes it an even better choice as an indoor plant to keep in your bedrooms.

The greenish-grey variegated foliage with the long fleshy structure of the spear plant makes a very attractive interior décor houseplant with vertical display qualities. So, if you’re not certain whether gardening is for you, or if you’re looking to liven up your outdoor space but know you won’t have the time to commit to regular maintenance, the ever-hardy Sansevieria Rhino Horn is a great place to start. They are also healthy, strong, resistant to weather and diseases.

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