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Schloss Eutin® | Shrub Rose


Selected by Kordes in 2005, this rose is a sport (natural genetic mutation) of the Bremer Stadtmusikanten. Its blooms are double, 8 cm in diameter, cupped, displayed in clusters and with so many petals that they resemble camellia's flowers; the fragrance is delicate. Grows vigorous, upright, healthy and very bushy to a height of 120 cm and a width of 70 cm. The leaves are medium-sized, glossy dark green; the buds are rounded with a pink-cream-apricot colour. It has achieved the Silver Medal in Den Haag in 2012.

NOTE: These are GRAFTED plant

Our products are shipped in a root ball, without pot. 

The pictures shown are for referral purposes only.

Few online retailers can match the generous size of our roses. Mainaam Garden is the largest Cymbidium Orchid nursery in Asia that endeavours to provide you with a premium quality product at a great low price.

If you have any damaged plants please email us at info@mainaamgarden.com and specify which plants were damaged. You may request an exchange within 3-5 days of delivery. Please keep all the packaging material in case it needs to be inspected by the shipping company. 

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