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Spathe Flower(Peace Lily)

सेव करें ₹49.00
मूल कीमत ₹949.00
मौजूदा कीमत ₹900.00

Spathe Flower also commonly called 'Peace Lily' is a herbaceous perennial typically grown as a houseplant. It can grow up to 6 ft tall, it more typically grows to 3 ft in an indoor setting. It is popular as a specimen  for its deep-green glossy foliage and white blooms that are intermittent in medium lighting and long-lasting. The plant has no specific bloom time, but flowers freely and tolerates heavy shade.

The 'Peace Lily' remains acaulescent as it ages. It is a low-maintenance plant with beautiful glossy green leaves and the unusual ability to blossom in medium light. 

This plant is of 1ft in height and 2 year old at the time of delivery.

Our Products  shipped are in root ball, without pot.

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