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How to Rebloom Cymbidium Orchids I Mainaam Garden

How to get your cymbidium orchids to flower again at home?

Getting orchids to flower the following year is a common issue new growers face after purchasing thier Cymbidium Orchids. It can be disheartening, and even defeating at times, to miss out on a once in a year occasion. Days are spent searching through websites for a solution, only to find general tips and unclear instructions.

Well, look no further as we take you through all the steps required to ensure your Cymbidiums flower every year. Before learning how to get Cymbidium orchids to bloom, it is highly recommended to read the general guide on how to care for cymbidium orchid. Click here to learn more. 

Choose the right type of Cymbidium

While a greenhouse can be customized for any type of Cymbidium, it is easiest to grow Cymbidiums that are suitable for the climate. As a rule of thumb, there are three types of Cymbidiums by temperature tolerance:

1) Cool growing:

These hybrids were created using species that grow naturally in cool climate of mountains such as Cymbidium hookerianum and insigne. These hybrids typically have large flowers and grow tall.

2) Warm growing:

These hybrids were created by cross-breeding species that grow in cool climates and tropical climates, such as Cymbidium ensifolium and Cymbidium hookerianum. They typically have medium size to small flowers and are medium in height.

3) Heat tolerant:

These hybrids were created using species that grow naturally in tropical areas such as Cymbidiums ensifolium and canaliculatum. They are smaller in size and have smaller flowers typically.


Now if the plant is suitable to your location then it will flower without many adjustments needed. Warm and heat tolerant Cymbidiums require little care and also flower many times a year. But when it comes to presentation and beauty, cool growing Cymbidiums are a sight to behold. Mainaam Garden is the largest Cymbidium orchid nursery in India with more than 200 varieties available for purchase, click here.


Flowering cool growing Cymbidiums in warmer climates

If your Cymbidium is not flowering, then you may be growing a cool growing Cymbidium in warmer climates such as Bangalore, Delhi or Kolkata.  The following adjustments need to be made to successfully flower cool growing Cymbidiums in warmer locations in India:

1) Summer temperatures of maximum 35 degrees Celsius:

In places like Bangalore or Delhi, summer temperatures sometimes rise to 44 degrees Celsius. This stresses the Cymbidiums and disturbs the flowering process in winter because if the plant fails to grow and accumulate nutrients in the summer, it will not flower. To keep the temperatures low:

  • the plant can be moved to a sunny window indoors with comfortable room temperatures.
  • If growing in a greenhouse, temperature can be reduced by using a shade net to protect from direct sunlight. Regular misting and wetting the floor of the greenhouse will also help reduce the temperature. If this is not enough, a greenhouse fan can be used as it cools the temperature as well as prevents disease and pests.

2) Winter temperature dropping to 10-15 degrees Celsius:

Now that you have successfully grown the plant in the summer heat, the plants have grown and are looking luscious and fuller with new vegetative growth, it is time to flower. Cymbidiums require low nightime temperature of at least 10-15 degrees to start the flowering process.

  • If your plants are indoors, please place them outside but do protect from heavy rainfall in tropical areas. Temperatures normally drop to 10-15 degrees even in high temperature areas like Bangalore and Delhi.
  • If you plants are in greenhouses then no adjustments need to be made.


Nutrient requirements for flowering

Growth phase (April to September)

A 20-20-20 NPK fertiliser along with Calcium and Magnesium can be applied at full strength once a month. The dose is typically written in the fertiliser package. During this time the plant is focused on growing in size and storing nutrients for the winter flowering. The better the plant grows during this period, the better the quality and number of flowers in winter. 

Flowering phase (October to March)

A 10-40-30 NPL fertiliser along with Calcium and Magnesium can be applied at half strength once a month. In the cooler weather of winter, the plant is focused on producing flowers and stops growing in size. Giving the plant more fertiliser in this period is harmful as it may continue growing and skip its flowering phase. This is the main reason to reduce the fertilisation at half strength.

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As you can see, a few adjustments made here and there makes all the difference on whether you will end your year with exquisite Cymbidium blooms or not. If you have any doubts please leave us a comment below and we would love to help in any way possible.

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Alok Kumar Gupta - ಜನವರಿ 25, 2021

I have one cymbidium orchid plant in healthy position but not flowing since 2yrs, please advice meet.

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