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10 Simple Steps to Winterize Your Plants I Mainaam Garden

10 Simple Steps to Winterize Your Plants I Mainaam Garden

With the winter coming fast and thick, we must prepare our plants for hibernation. But how are we planning to winterize our plants? That begs an answer, well, do not worry we promise to guide you to effortlessly walk your plant through the cold and grey of Jack Frost, at the same time would suggest you some winter plants that does not care how bleak and bitter the cold is.

Let’s Scroll Through

1. Like humans, plants are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The dry and cold environment thus calls for an action to change the spot if the plant is not receiving enough sunlight. So, why not keep the plant near the window and side table to allow it to extract the maximum out of nature.

2. Summer is water craving well winter is not, so over-watering will only cause unnecessary harm. Water the plant if and when the soil beneath is dry or else don’t bother.

3. 40 to 50 percent of humidity is conducive for the houseplant but considering the winter, the level of humidity would be lower with the closing of windows and doors. A humidifier to maintain the level would do wonders for your plant.

4. Fertilizers in winter are an nonviable option; let the summer do the talking.

5. Give a spin to your plant when you water them, a quarter turn each time would allow the plants to store the warmth and light from all sides giving even and stable growth.

6. Sometimes giving a nice bath to clean dirt and dust surrounding the plant would open up the way for the plant to remain disease-free improving the better rate of absorbing heat and light of shafts.

7. Pests and insects are opportunists, they are always looking to get on top of your green friend, prevent their attacks by a periodical spray of insecticides and pesticides. Don’t overdo it, just a bit when welcoming an outdoor plant inside your home.

8. Mister bottle to sprinkle water is a productive tip to prevent leaves from turning dry and crunchy.

9. Prune dead leaves and mulch your plant accordingly to provide comfort before the woody plant sleeps into a state of dormancy.

10. Re-pot before winter starts showing its true color, get the pot as per the size with proper drainage holes.

Winter Plants


You have waited long to explore the list, just like your unfazed patience the following patience does well in winter when rests are little shaky and crumbled.

1. Day Lily Hybrids.

2. Honey Green Melissa Cymbidium Orchid.

3. Sanridge Torch Cymbidium Orchid.

4. Zen Era Elizabeth Cymbidium Orchid.

5. Yellow River Tara Cymbidium Orchid.

6. Creeping Juniper.

7. Japanese Maple Tree.

8. Moses In The Cradle

9. Echeveria Takasago No Okina.

10. Crassula Ovata

There are numerous plants that is categorized as winter plants but these are the most exhilarating Mainaam Garden winter collection to pump the patio with myriad of bloom. 

No wonder we wish to see sustenance of greenery around no matter how harsh and frigid the winter is. A little care by you can make things easy for your plant because a little change would lead to a bigger picture.

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