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  • from Rs. 999.00

    Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum)

    Acer Palmatum, also known as Japanese maple is a must for maple enthusiasts. The fame of maples arose from cultivation in Japan. This is slow to me...

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    from Rs. 999.00
  • Rhododendron Arboreum
    from Rs. 699.00

    Rhododendron Arboreum

    Rhododendron Arboreum is often referred to as the best evergreen flowering plant for temperate landscapes. Rhododendron, its distribution is throug...

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    from Rs. 699.00
  • Magnolia Soulangeana Tree
    Rs. 1,699.00

    Magnolia x Soulangeana Tree

    'Magnolia Soulangeana' is a very popular flowering tree or large shrub that was created by cross-breeding 'Magnolia liliflora'.  It usually grows a...

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    Rs. 1,699.00
  • from Rs. 4,499.00

    Amur Maple Tree

    Amur Maple is a small tree that is best known for its magnificent display of radiant fall colour. Its glossy, rich green leaves of three lobes turn...

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    from Rs. 4,499.00
  • Rs. 1,250.00

    Pinus Thunbergii (Black Pine, Japanese Black Pine)

    Black Pine is a gymnosperm tree that grows to be 20-50 feet tall and is evergreen. It features a pyramidal shape with a flat top and no clear centr...

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    Rs. 1,250.00
  • Rs. 6,199.00

    Sawara Cypress

    Sawara Cypress is a low-growing, compact shrub with golden-yellow juvenile foliage. It reaches mature heights of 110 to 160 feet (35–50 metres) ta...

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    Rs. 6,199.00
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