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  • Rs. 369.00

    Echeveria 'Arctic Ice'

    Echeveria 'Arctic Ice' grows best in full sun and partial shade in well-drained, low-moisture soil, however intolerant of the cold below 5 °C (41 °...

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    Rs. 369.00
  • Rs. 375.00

    Lipstick Vine (Aeschynanthus radicans)

    The long, trailing tendrils of the Lipstick Plant, also known as Lipstick Vine, are endemic to the tropical and humid rainforests of Java north to ...

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    Rs. 375.00
  • Rs. 1,999.00

    Fire Storm Cymbidium Orchid (Mature)

    Originally grown and nurtured by Mainaam Garden, Firestorm Cymbidium Orchid is a stunner! With its red like fire flowers with yellow sprinkled lip ...

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    Rs. 1,999.00
  • Rs. 735.00

    Zen Era Elizabeth Cymbidium Orchid

    Zen Era Elizabeth is a hybrid developed by K. Black. An exquisite white Cymbidium for that is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. The flowers a...

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    Rs. 735.00
  • Rs. 275.00

    Echeveria Chinensis

    Echeveria Chinensis is an evergreen succulent that grows quickly and produces rosettes of luscious, meaty dark green leaves. These Echeverias are t...

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    Rs. 275.00
  • Rs. 279.00

    String of Tears

    String of tears, a delicate perennial succulent with creeping stems and beautiful tear-shaped leaves, is a near cousin of string of pearls. It feat...

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    Rs. 279.00
  • Rs. 269.00

    Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi

    The Madagascar native 'Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi,' formerly known as 'Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi,' is commonly sold as a house or garden herb. Kalanchoe...

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    Rs. 269.00
  • Rs. 2,205.00

    Zen Era Elizabeth Cymbidium Orchid (Mature)

    Zen Era Elizabeth is a hybrid developed by K. Black. An exquisite white Cymbidium for that is sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. The flowers a...

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    Rs. 2,205.00
  • Rs. 1,010.00

    Echeveria Nodulosa

    Echeveria Nodulosa is a lovely succulent with deep green rosettes and bright red patterns on the leaves that give it a painted look. Echeveria with...

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    Rs. 1,010.00
  • Rs. 1,500.00

    Honey Green Melissa Cymbidium Orchid

    Honey Green Melissa Cymbidium Orchid is an exotic Cymbidium Orchid that blooms only after four years once it’s planted! With honey-green blooms and...

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    Rs. 1,500.00
  • Rs. 399.00


    Marantas are striking house plants with variegated, oval leaves that mimic the patterns of an artist’s brushstrokes. They are grown for their bold ...

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    Rs. 399.00
  • Rs. 1,369.00

    Sansevria Cylindrica (Rhino Horn)

      Sanseveria Cylindrica (Sansevieria Rhino Horn) is an excellent houseplant for ornamental purposes. The leaves will be strong and firm. This plant...

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    Rs. 1,369.00
  • Rs. 400.00

    Crested Cactus

    If you’re ready to bring weird and wild to your garden, try growing crested cactus. Cresting causes wildly curved, twisted and undulating plants th...

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    Rs. 400.00
  • Rs. 599.00

    Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

    A woody vine that’s prized for its glossy green leaves, Monstera deliciosa is a pleasure that specializes in the lesser-known, delightful houseplan...

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    Rs. 599.00
  • Rs. 450.00

    Golden Barrel Cactus (Grusonii)

    The Echinocactus grusonii, also known as the golden barrel or mother-in-law's cushion, is an endangered species of cactus that grows in Mexico. It ...

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    Rs. 450.00
  • Rs. 749.00

    Vriesea Mundo

    The Vriesea Mundo is a beautiful Brazilian plant that prefers warm, humid conditions and emits a lovely fragrance. The green leaves are arranged in...

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    Rs. 749.00
  • Rs. 375.00

    Hoya Variegated (Hoya kerrii 'Variegata' )

    Hoya Variegated makes for one of the best housewarming gifts and is perfect for those who like to try their hand at gardening. This green rosette p...

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    Rs. 375.00
  • Rs. 379.00

    Kalanchoe tomentosa

    Kalanchoe tomentosa, also known as Panda Plant, is a cute slow-growing perennial succulent. Grown for its hairy, velvety greyish-green leaves that ...

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    Rs. 379.00
  • Rs. 1,849.00

    Sandridge Torch Cymbidium Orchid ( Mature )

     Sandridge Torch Cymbidium Orchids are one of the most eye-pleasing Cymbidium Orchids ever. The pretty little grades of Sandridge Torch not only li...

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    Rs. 1,849.00
  • Rs. 999.00

    Cryptanthus Zonatus 'Zebrina'

    The unique colouring on this beautiful, Cryptanthus zonatus is a breathtaking combination of burgundy and white dots, bands and specks that create ...

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    Rs. 999.00
  • Rs. 379.00


    Stapelias, often known as the 'Starfish flower,' has a lot more to offer than meets the eye — or rather, the nose! Give Stapelias a try if you pref...

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    Rs. 379.00
  • Rs. 379.00

    Haworthia Cathedral Window

    The Haworthia Cathedral Window, which is native to South Africa, are tiny, stemless succulent with pale green rosettes that have black longitudinal...

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    Rs. 379.00
  • Rs. 379.00

    Gasteria brachyphylla

    'Gasteria brachyphylla' is a succulent-leaved, medium-sized aloe-like plant with two rows of smooth leaves and an elongated raceme. It's a prolific...

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    Rs. 379.00
  • Rs. 350.00

    Variegated Peperomia

    The variegated Peperomia house plant looks great on a table or desk at home or at work. Because of its gorgeous robust green and cream lustrous thi...

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    Rs. 350.00
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