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Mainaam Garden is glad to have you here, to share the joy of beautiful plants for years to come! We're committed to helping you through every stage of growing plants - from selecting the right variety to helping you give your plants the right care it needs to thrive. Please remember that we are here to help you and our goal is to make your gardening efforts a success. Before ordering, the following points should be noted so that you may have the best experience.

Our Promises

Best Plant Varieties

We aim to provide the best of varieties that are grown organically.

Free Replacement/Refund

Free replacement/refund if product is damaged or unsatisfactory.

Online Chat Support

After purchase support to ensure our valued customers succeed in growing robust plants.

Ordering Plants by Mail

We take great pride in supplying plants of the highest quality. After many years of shipping plants, we've figured out how to pack them carefully to avoid damage during transit. To ensure that plants arrive safely, we employ a variety of packing materials and fillers, including mesh, craft paper, and cardboard inserts.

However, transportation puts a plant under some stress, owing to the fact that it spends a few days in a dark box.

Occasionally, a carrier might damage boxes while transporting them. The majority of plants survive the journey with no problems or only minor stress (some leaf drop is possible) and recover fast. Others may require additional attention following their vacation.

 If any plants are damaged on receipt or die within 3 days, we will replace or refund them with  5% deduction of the total amount as transaction charges.

Tech specs

As a company, Mainaam Garden is differentiated from other nurseries by the nature of products as well as the nature of operations. We are more than just a retail store because we cultivate our plants organically in our own nursery in Sikkim. We believe that keeping true to our roots is the only way to keep our planet healthy and happy. We are passionate about gardening and plants, and we listen to our customers' demands in order to deliver the best possible answer. 

How will you receive the plants:

  • We always send plants that are the healthiest.
  • We send bare root plants without pot and soil.
  • We do so as we don't want our customers to go through the repotting process again and again when the plants outgrow the small pots that plants are usually sent in.

Note: If you happen to receive a dead/ damaged plant, please take a photo within 3 days of receiving it and email us the details along with your order number at For more details, please read our Refund Policy.

We do what we do because we love plants and would love to spread the love of plants with the whole world. We want to give our customers value not just in the form of plants but also in the form of knowledge. We strive to deliver unique insights that our consumers will appreciate.

Tips To Revive Plants Received in Stressed Condition:

  • Step 1: Do not panic.
  • Step 2 : Check if the roots are alive. If yes, then the plant will revive. Just plant them & keep them out of sunlight for atleast few weeks.
  • Step 3: It is natural for the plants to shed it's leaves for new ones to grow back.

Note : Do not put nutrients like NPK till it shows new growth.


Usually, a period of 4-6 days in the dark is not harmful to the plant. Dropping leaves could be a concern. Plant it according to the directions, and wait a few days for buds to appear, and possibly another 2-3 weeks for new leaves to appear. Don't overwater: without leaves, there is no evaporation, therefore your plant doesn't require as much water.


If maintained in the dark, certain plants can survive for weeks without being watered. There will be no evaporation if there is no light.

Roots stress:

Normally, we remove plants from their pots, discard off any excess soil, and wrap the rootball in plastic film to keep the potting mix moist. You can re-pot the plant when it is delivered to you. All of these operations put additional strain on the root system. Until your plant's root system recovers, keep it in a covered spot away from direct sunlight (1-2 weeks, sometimes more).

Physical damage:

It's not something that happens on a regular basis. Depending on the plant, we may employ all or any of the following special packing techniques: wrap paper, air pillow, and specific box inserts. All of these ensure the safest possible transposing. We give it our all. Only the carrier can be held liable in the event of substantial damage. If it's merely a broken branch or a piece of a stem, just let it grow, care for your plant, and it'll respond to your affection. If there is damage, we appreciate your frustration and frequently provide our customers a discount or a free plant with their next order.

Why Choose Us


We strive to give the highest quality plants that are 100% organic.

Made in India

Staying true to our roots, all our plants are bred in Sikkim, India.

Expert Advice

After-purchase support to ensure that our valued customers grow healthy plants.

Contact Us 

Start your gardening journey today!

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