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5 Rose Mystery box (5 different rose plants in one box)


Our Rose Mystery Box is an enchanting collection featuring 5 distinct rose varieties, each a surprise waiting to unfold in your garden. This curated selection showcases a diverse range of colors, fragrances, and bloom styles. From the vibrant Knockout Roses in red and pink to the elegant Queen Mother, the charming Bad Worishofen, the romantic Pink Climber, and the exotic Ali Baba, each plant promises to bring its unique beauty and character to your landscape. Enjoy repeat flowering throughout the season, filling your garden with captivating colors and sweet scents from summer well into autumn. Whether you prefer the low-maintenance appeal of Knockouts, the climbing grace of the Pink Climber, or the classic charm of hybrid teas, this mix offers something for every rose lover. Perfect for rose enthusiasts looking to add variety and intrigue to their rose beds or for beginners eager to explore the world of roses.
*Flower pot not included while shipping. The plant will be safely packed without a pot in a Root Ball.

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