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Hybrid Tea Roses


  • from Rs. 1,374.00

    Dancing Queen | Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose

    Rosa 'Dancing Queen' is an outstanding climbing hybrid tea rose with compact bright pink blooms and glossy, dark green foliage. The double flowers ...

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    from Rs. 1,374.00
  • from Rs. 1,999.00

    Love and Peace Rose | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Love and Peace hybrid tea rose is slightly fragrant, which will captivate you with its yellow and pink colours. The outer edges of the petals have ...

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    from Rs. 1,999.00
  • from Rs. 1,199.00

    Marie Luise Marjan | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Marie-Luise Marjan is a beautiful hybrid tea rose that has large, creamy-white blooms with a touch of pink and apricot colour. It was bred by W.Kor...

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    from Rs. 1,199.00
  • from Rs. 1,699.00

    Keep Smiling Rose | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Keep smiling, for life is a wonderful thing and so much is to smile. To make your every day happy and cheerful, we present you with our collection...

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    from Rs. 1,699.00
  • from Rs. 2,199.00

    Blessings | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Introduced in the year 1967 by Gregory, 'Blessings' is a Hybrid tea rose. It has a small bushy compact shrub that grows up to 3ft and 10cm in width...

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    from Rs. 2,199.00
  • Rs. 5,599.00

    Mum in a Million | Pink Hybrid Tea Rose

    As the name suggests, this rose is a mum in a million! A gentle medium pink Hybrid Tea rose with very large flowers that repeat flower well all sum...

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    Rs. 5,599.00
  • from Rs. 2,499.00

    Laetitia Casta ® Hybrid Tea Rose

    To the rose collectors and rose enthusiasts alike: meet the Laetitia Casta ® Rose. A rosebush is as beautiful as the fashion muse to whom it's dedi...

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    from Rs. 2,499.00
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