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Shrub Roses

  • from Rs. 2,309.00

    Queen of Sweden | English Shrub Rose

     'Queen of Sweden' Rose, a David Austinn English Rose is a very abundant and charming bloomer featuring incredibly stunning 3 in. clusters (7 cm), ...

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    from Rs. 2,309.00
  • Rs. 758.00

    Knockout Rose Pink (Radcon)

     The Pink Knockout rose is a favourite from our landscape beds to your home garden. Easy to grow, this best-selling rose is the perfect choice for ...

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    Rs. 758.00
  • from Rs. 1,099.00

    Sympa De Bellevue Rose I Shrub Rose

    Flowering in radiant red clusters, 'Sympa De Bellevue' Rose has unique ball-like blooms that are carried on the robust growing shrub, that flowers ...

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    from Rs. 1,099.00
  • cubana
    Rs. 989.00

    Cubana Rose

    This is the best Kordes Rosen hybridizer shrub rose, with high resistance to disease and a long-lasting blooming season. Resistant to drought, its ...

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    Rs. 989.00
  • Rs. 1,099.00

    Purple Rain Rose | Shrub Rose

    Purple Rain is a gorgeous flowering rose with flowers that change color from violet to pink to purple. It grows low covering large areas making it ...

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    Rs. 1,099.00
  • Rs. 1,099.00

    Gingerbread Man Rose | Miniature Rose

    Graceful semi-double flowers, of a pleasing gingery apricot-amber, are produced from the ground upwards and are held in large heads of up to 2", ni...

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    Rs. 1,099.00
  • Rs. 450.00

    Pink Tip Azalea

    Pink Tip Azaleas are native to many continents such as Asia, North America and Europe. They have semi-double flowers with a spotted pink border on ...

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    Rs. 450.00
  • Rs. 1,299.00

    Prodige Ecarlate | Shrub Rose

    Originally Bred by Meilland International, Prodige Ecarlate Rose stands out for its strong development and abundant flowering. This rose is extreme...

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    Rs. 1,299.00
  • Rs. 1,649.00

    Fedra Rose I Shrub Rose

    Fedra is a gorgeous rose with semi-double florets that change colour from bright to light pink throughout the season. Blooming repeatedly, it is su...

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    Rs. 1,649.00
  • Johannesburg Garden Club Rose - Mainaam Garden
    Rs. 549.00

    Johannesburg Garden Club Rose

    Johannesburg Garden Club Rose (Flowering Shrub) Johannesburg Garden Club Rose is a lovely flowering shrub covered with huge bunches of small, ...

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    Rs. 549.00
  • from Rs. 1,499.00

    Sunny Sky Rose | Shrub Rose

    Apricot buds open into large, elegantly shaped blooms in honey yellow,’ Sunny Sky’ roses sit regally on sturdy uniform stems, complete with a fruit...

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    from Rs. 1,499.00
  • Rs. 989.00


    Photinia is also known as Fraser photinia.Once matured the Photinia x fraseri leaves are dark green with red tips especially in early spring. Durin...

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    Rs. 989.00
  • from Rs. 1,699.00

    Kissing Ayoba Rose I Floribunda Rose

    Bred by W. Kordes & Sons, Kissing Ayoba Rose is a charming floribunda that is covered with small firm petalled blooms in bright lipstick scarle...

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    from Rs. 1,699.00
  • Rs. 1,319.00

    Black Country Pride Rose I Floribunda Rose

    Black Country Pride Rose is a bushy, deciduous shrub with thorny stems that bear compound pinnate leaves divided into naturally shiny, toothed, dar...

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    Rs. 1,319.00
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