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Rose New Varieties

  • Rs. 699.00

    Midsummer Snow Rose | Floribunda Rose

    'Midsummer Snow' is a shrub rose with white brilliant flowers that bloom for a long time. The bloom shading represents feminity, beauty, and sweetn...

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    Rs. 699.00
  • Rs. 735.00

    Red Sunblaze | Miniature Rose

    Red Sunblaze roses are miniature roses that are resilient and easy to cultivate. From spring through fall, these compact roses bloom in a vivid, dr...

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    Rs. 735.00
  • from Rs. 1,890.00

    Azalea Large Size Pack Mix of 3

    You will receive 3 large size plants of mixed varieties of red, pink, purple or white colours. This is the best chance to purchase garden ready pla...

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    from Rs. 1,890.00
  • Rs. 800.00

    Blessing | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Introduced on the year 1967, 'Blessings' is a Hybrid tea rose. It has a small bushy shrub that grows up to 1m. It has bold, dark glossy foliage and...

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    Rs. 800.00
  • Rs. 620.00

    China 65 | Polyantha Rose

    Introduced in India by Friends Rosery in 1965 as 'China 65', this rose is easy to grow and roots easily. This rose can be used for beds and borders...

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    Rs. 620.00
  • Rs. 579.00

    Duncan's Rose

    Duncan's Rose, this healthy, glossy leaved shrub displays all the excellent characteristics of its parent ‘Johannesburg Garden Club’. It produces a...

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    Rs. 579.00
  • Rs. 689.00

    Clos Fleuri Bicolor Rose

     Clos Fleuri Bicolor rose are ruffled petalled bloom in a bright pink hue that gives your garden a charming presence. These are 1-2ft. in height at...

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    Rs. 689.00
  • Rs. 530.00

    Wax Begonia

    Wax Begonia is a tiny shrub-like perennial plant. It is produced as an annual in cold areas. It has been a popular plant in gardens since the Victo...

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    Rs. 530.00
  • from Rs. 589.00

    Eblouissant | Polyantha Rose

    'Eblouissant' is a French word that means a dazzling display of wit; so is this rose blazing its charm with its deep crimson, bluish, aromatic and...

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    from Rs. 589.00
  • Rs. 799.00

    Courage | Hybrid Tea Rose

    Dedicated to the memory of the late popular entertainer ‘Roy Castle’, Courage rose is a must-have collectors’ item, as well as a must-have addition...

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    Rs. 799.00
  • Rs. 800.00

    Bad Worishofen | Floribunda Rose

    The floribunda rose 'Bad Wörishofen' stands out in the garden with its rich deep pink colors and repeated flowering. In May, the plant produces num...

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    Rs. 800.00
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