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Rabbit Foot Fern

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The furry rhizomes that creep on top of the soil and resemble a rabbit's foot give the 'rabbit's foot fern' its name. The rhizomes may get fairly lengthy and take on a spider-like look over time. However, never bury the rhizomes in the soil, as this fosters decay. Because of its fronds (which grow erect) with gauzy or lace-like leaflets, the 'Rabbit Foot' is easily recognised as a fern. The small leaves are attached to kind of wiry stalks that grow from the visible rhizomes.

The rabbit's foot fern, like any other houseplant, requires enough light, correct moisture and temperature, and frequent fertiliser. Even with the greatest of care, you may lose some of the elder fronds from time to time. This is very natural and does not mean you've done anything wrong.

These are 15cm in height and 3-year-old at the time of delivery.

More Information
Common Name Rabbit foot fern
Planting Season Summer
Tree or Plant Type Fern
Current Height 15cm
Season of Interest Spring
Soil Preference Well-drained, potting soil
Fragrance None
Foliage Deciduous


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