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Free Delivery on order over ₹999

Haworthia Truncata Hybrid

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Native to South Africa, Haworthia Truncata is a small succulent plant that has unusual, grey or grey-green leaves with rough, warty surfaces and nearly rectangular crosssection. It grows up to 0.8 inches (2 cm) tall and spread slowly up to 4 inches wide. Leaves are more or less upright, pressed firmly, and arranged in two opposite rows. Flowers are small, white and appear on a slender, up to 8 inches long stem, mainly in late spring.

No more demanding to raise than Aloe vera, grow Haworthia truncata in well-drained soil or cactus compost, on a light, airy windowsill, ideally out of direct sunlight. Water sparingly during the summer, allowing the compost to dry out completely between watering. Reduce irrigation in winter to every other month.

All our plants are delivered bare root without soil or pot.

BOTANICAL NAME Haworthia Truncata
FAMILY Asphodelaceae
PLANT TYPE Cactus or succulent, House plant, Perennial, Evergreen
SUN EXPOSURE Dappled shade
SOIL TYPE Well-drained / light / sandy


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