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Houseplant Combo


What's better than making a beautiful small garden with easy plants to grow? Our Houseplant Combo has 3 amazing plants that make gardening fun and make your home come alive!!!1

What's in the set?

1 Yellow Jasmine (Flowering Shrub) of 1-3-year-old plant and 1-4ft in height: Rs. 300

Yellow Jasmine is a wonderful shrub with yellow trumpet-shaped blooms. The dynamic display of bright, yellow colors throughout the spring will absolutely amaze you! You need to be extra careful with this shrub as yellow jasmine is reported highly poisonous for human beings and pets. These are suitable to be grown in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions.

Gardenia 'Radicans'(Flowering Shrub) of 1 year old : Rs. 490

They are low-growing and easy-care shrubs with sweet-smelling white flowers. Held in large evergreen clusters, they are produced with remarkable freedom forming a beautiful low-hedge groundcover with a big flush of blooms in your summer garden. It also can be grown in large containers and allowed to spill over the edges. It should be planted in a protected area to avoid strong afternoon sun and strong cold and winds in winter. These are suitable to be grown in subtropical and temperate regions.

1 Wax Begonia of 1.5-year-old: Rs. 500

Wax begonia is an annual, perennial, and woody shrub. The fibrous-rooted plant is ideal for landscaping, easy to grow, the foliage creates a lush bed of flowers in spring. As a sturdy plant, it is durable providing sweeping color in single or double blooms. The leaves are green or bronze waxy. The shape of the plant is bushy and mounded with flesh stems. Popular since the time of the Victorian Era, it can be grown as an outdoor and indoor plant.


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