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  • Rs. 749.00

    Chinese Pine Dwarf

    Chinese Dwarf Pine is a small conifer forming a dense, spreading, cushion-shaped mound of finely textured, emerald-green needles. This dense multi-...

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    Rs. 749.00
  • Creeping Juniper - Mainaam Garden
    Rs. 950.00

    Creeping Juniper

    Creeping Juniper is a low-growing sturdy ground cover pine. It can grow well in sub-tropical to temperate climates and thrive in full sun. A fast g...

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    Rs. 950.00
  • Rs. 500.00

    Thuja plicata

    Thuja plicata is a fast-growing, dense, pyramidal shrub. It produces upright branches with dark green scale-like dense foliage that does not discol...

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    Rs. 500.00
  • Rs. 2,799.00

    Pine Combo Pack

    Pack of 3 different Spiritual and Physically Healing plants What's Included In The Pack: -  1 Shrub Pine -  1 Cascading Pine -  1 Chinese Dwarf Pin...

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    Rs. 2,799.00
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