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Red Roses

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    Rs. 759.00

    Sympa De Bellevue Rose I Shrub Rose

    Flowering in radiant red clusters, 'Sympa De Bellevue' Rose has unique ball-like blooms that are carried on the robust growing shrub, that flowers ...

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    Rs. 759.00
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  • Rs. 689.00

    Knockout Rose Red (Radrazz)

    Be the envy of your neighbourhood with a Red Knock Out rose bush with full, disease-resistant flowers that blooms continuously and are always beaut...

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    Rs. 689.00
  • Rs. 735.00

    Red Sunblaze | Miniature Rose

    Red Sunblaze roses are miniature roses that are resilient and easy to cultivate. From spring through fall, these compact roses bloom in a vivid, dr...

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    Rs. 735.00
  • Rs. 799.00

    Mona Lisa Rose | Shrub Rose

    Only the finest rose could be selected to bear the eponymous name. As fine as the masterpiece, ‘Mona Lisa' roses are known for their stunning vermi...

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    Rs. 799.00
  • from Rs. 629.00

    Pixie hat | Floribunda Rose

    'Pixie hat' roses have a spike-like cluster of basal stems with hundreds of beautiful red solitary blooms that resemble pixie hats.   These are 1 f...

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  • Rs. 579.00

    Duncan's Rose

    Duncan's Rose, this healthy, glossy leaved shrub displays all the excellent characteristics of its parent ‘Johannesburg Garden Club’. It produces a...

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    Rs. 579.00
  • from Rs. 659.00

    Eblouissant | Polyantha Rose

    'Eblouissant' is a French word that means a dazzling display of wit; so is this rose blazing its charm with its deep crimson, bluish, aromatic and...

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    from Rs. 659.00
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