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Garden Plant Combo


The best way to make your garden look like a piece of heaven? Sets of colorful garden plants covering your entire garden space!!

These are the sets of our best-selling garden plants that will help you get your garden of dreams. 

What's included?

1 Hydrangea Paniculata of 1-2 ft and 2 year old: Rs. 1099

It is a distinctive neat, white clustered bloom with lush green foliage that are super easy to grow. It is extremely winter hardy, with upright, bushy, healthy growth that adapts to a variety of light levels. Another lovely feature of these hydrangeas is the flower’s ability to subtly change color over its many months of bloom. What begins as a lovely creamy white flower will morph into varying shades of pink, and, with some varieties, even deep pink-red by season’s end. These are suitable to be grown in subtropical and temperate regions.

1 Hydrangea Macrophylla (Shrub) of 1-2 ft. in height and 3 yr old: Rs. 999

The old-fashioned charm of Hydrangea Macrophylla blooms during the summertime not only attracts human attention but also butterflies. Hydrangea Macrophylla is easy to maintain and grows in all soil types and produces abundant flowers with evergreen foliage. They are simple, wide, acuminated, and available in various colors. These are suitable to be grown in subtropical and temperate regions. 

1 Spiraea Japonica (Japanese Spirea) of  0.5-1ft and 1-year-old in height: Rs. 900

The Spiraea japonica or Japanese Spirea is a wonderfully carefree and easy-to-grow plant with woody shrubs that give rosy-pink flowers. It is an ornamental plant found in fields, forests, stream banks, and other areas which appears in clusters at the tips of the branches in early spring, and they bloom the fullest in summer. 

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