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Floribunda Roses

Floribundas are resilient and free-flowering, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced rose producers. It's a mix between a tea rose and a polyantha.

Floribundas are little bushes that grow to be 3 to 4 feet tall and feature an abundance of floras (flowers). 

Floribundas should be planted and treated as any other bush rose. Planting distances should not exceed 70cm x 70cm and single rows should not be more than 60cm apart for the best effect.


  • Astronomia Pink Rose - Mainaam Garden
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    from Rs. 659.00

    Astronomia Pink Rose | Shrub Rose

    One of its kind, Astronomia Pink Rose is an extraordinary rose shrub with only five petals providing a unique and inviting look to your landscape d...

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    from Rs. 659.00
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  • Sold out
    Rs. 699.00

    Midsummer Snow Rose | Floribunda Rose

    'Midsummer Snow' is a shrub rose with white brilliant flowers that bloom for a long time. The bloom shading represents feminity, beauty, and sweetn...

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    Rs. 699.00
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  • Rs. 800.00

    Bad Worishofen | Floribunda Rose

    The floribunda rose 'Bad Wörishofen' stands out in the garden with its rich deep pink colors and repeated flowering. In May, the plant produces num...

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    Rs. 800.00
  • Rs. 2,500.00

    Red Finesse Rose

    'Red Finesse' is a fantastic new, multi-award winning scented Floribunda with thorny stems bearing pinnate leaves divided into shiny, toothed, dark...

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    Rs. 2,500.00
  • Rs. 689.00

    Clos Fleuri Bicolor Rose

     Clos Fleuri Bicolor rose are ruffled petalled bloom in a bright pink hue that gives your garden a charming presence. These are 1-2ft. in height at...

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    Rs. 689.00
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